Petko Tzvetkov
Petko Tsvetkov

Green Advocacy Campaign Expert

Expert for the module Direct Citizen Participation in State and Local Government Act

Petko Tsvetkov has many years of experience as an expert in nature conservation and is one of the faces of the Coalition “For the Nature”. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in running advocacy campaigns, drafting statements, laws, reports on Appropriate Assessments (AA), Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports. As an expert from BALKANI Wildlife Society and the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, he has participated in the organization of a number of conferences, meetings with representatives of institutions, regional and local authorities, as well as various national and international activities related to nature protection. He has worked on the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program and the United Nations. As part of the team of Greenpeace Bulgaria and Friends of the Earth Bulgaria, he deals with issues related to mineral resources, coal mining, electricity generation from thermal power plants, and air pollution. He is one of the faces of civil protests against the lawlessness in the management of natural resources. As an ecologist, he is always ready to explain a specific environmental issue and to give a competent opinion to the media, institutions, or the general public.