Лого АПБ

Association of Parks in Bulgaria – parks.bg

The Association of Parks in Bulgaria (APB) is the leading partner within the project. APB’s goal is to support the development and preservation of the system of protected territories in the country, conservation of Bulgaria’s biodiversity, and promotion of sustainable development by balancing ecological, social, and economic interests. The APB is part of the Coalition of non-governmental organizations “For the Nature” and is active as an initiator of advocacy campaigns for nature conservation within the Coalition, as well as independently.

Support for local people and communities in finding solutions for environmental protection issues is one of the Association’s main tasks, all together with building up a more environmentally conscious and aware society. APB strives to create better conditions for income generation in territories within or neighboring protected areas. 

Since its foundation, the Association has run numerous training courses of institutions and organizations involved with the management of protected areas and biodiversity. Thus, enhancing not only the knowledge of the staff but also boosting the teamwork and spirit.

Furthermore, APB believes that improving the national and European environmental protection legislation and its application within the management of protected areas, biodiversity, and landscape diversity contributes to more effective nature preservation and better national policies.

Currently, APB comprises four collective members (one Association and three Directorates of nature parks in Bulgaria) and 15 individual members (citizens who actively support biodiversity conservation and advocacy for sustainable development). 

A permanent team of volunteers initiates and executes the Association’s activities. They are mainly experts in ecological, biological, and forestry education, experienced in working at governmental institutions responsible for nature parks in Bulgaria. The Nature Guardians project activities are designed as a continuation and upgrade of the project “Training in Green Advocacy” implemented in the period 2014-2015.

Лого Балкани

BALKANI Wildlife Society – balkani.org 

BALKANI Wildlife Society works to research, protect, and restore the flora, fauna, and ecosystems in Bulgaria while preserving them for future generations. Furthermore, the organization raises awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues. 

Since 1992, the non-profit applies the knowledge and skills of its members in nature protection projects as well as in public activities such as drafting environmental legislation, support for initiative committees fighting to solve local environmental challenges, campaigning, and networking with like-minded organizations, institutions, experts.

The Society is one of the leading organizations in Bulgaria that works with large carnivores. BALKANI Wildlife Society experts use scientific methods and modern technologies while partnering with the responsible institutions to contribute to the research and conservation of flagship species such as the brown bear or the grey wolf. 

BALKANI WS is one of the leaders of several non-formal environmental coalitions and campaigns: Save Kresna Gorge; BeleNE; Save Pirin, Rhodope mountain without cyanide. The organization started the Sustainable Mountains initiative, works on the conservation of specific species or protected sites, and the NATURA 2000 network. 

Education is another priority in the work of the BALKANI Wildlife Society. A society with increased awareness and sensitivity towards nature protection is the long-term vision of the Society. The organization’s educational activities are based in the village of Vlahi, Kresna municipality, and Dragoman marsh and Chepan mountain close to Sofia. The Society manages two educational centers with visitor’s infrastructure and a possibility for accommodation.