Zornitsa Stratieva

Assistant “Access to information and alerting competent authorities”

Expert “Identifying opportunities for civic participation in decision making”

Zornitsa Stratieva is an environmentalist, an activist, and a volunteer in several campaigns for preserving forests, protected areas, and Bulgarian nature. She has experience in reporting violations, drafting complaints, and statements. She is relentless in her efforts to have all the pieces in the puzzle by accessing public and environmental information. Zornitsa has worked as a manager or expert on various environmental projects. Moreover, she was part of the team managing Vitosha nature park, one of the most complex protected areas in Bulgaria. Her administrative experience is impressive – she has been responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of activities in the Association of Parks in Bulgaria (APB) since 2013. She has good communication and organizational skills, visible in the constant communication with the members of the coalition “For the Nature”, the employees and members of APB, citizens, departments, state administrations, and other stakeholders.