Симеон Арангелов

Project Manager

Expert: Green Advocacy Campaigns

Simeon Arangelov is a biologist and long-standing activist for the Coalition of NGOs For the Nature. He has a great experience in leading campaigns for change in environmental legislation, as well as collaboration with institutions. Furthermore, Simeon has managed and coordinated projects, volunteer actions, and field teams. Through his work in the Directorate of Vitosha nature park, he gained experience in the management of complex protected areas. Simeon loves working with children and regularly leads educational programs and outdoor camps for kids. He participated in many field research studies and data analysis as a part of the management and conservation of flagship species such as the brown bear, European ground squirrel, golden eagle, and more. Simeon Arangelov is one of the persons responsible for the population recovery of the Balkan chamois in Vitosha nature park.