Petya Sheremetova

Association of Parks in Bulgaria Public Relations Specialist

Expert: Fundraising for advocacy campaigns

Petya Sheremetova is the PR specialist who keeps the media informed about the project activities. Next to her master’s degree in Public Relations from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Petya has over ten years of experience in the PR field. She is one of the voices of the Coalition “For the Nature” who works to promote various local and national conservation causes. In her work, Petya connects with people from all over the country, striving to help local initiatives to gain publicity and media coverage. She has experience in organizing and communicating protests and street actions for nature conservation. As a PR expert, she is involved in the preparation of information materials, brochures, and manuals explaining complex environmental issues or providing guidelines for environmental protection activities. Contact her if you support the project and want to promote it on your blog, website, or media.